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      1. Resveratrol new effect: to improve the memory of the elderly population

        release time:2017年07月19日 source:This site

        Resveratrol new effect: to improve the memory of the elderly population

        The Witte research team published its latest study at J Neurosci  (2014-06): The new effect of resveratrol - improving the memory of the  elderly.
        Sirtuins  is a protein deacetylase that can be activated by gentle stress, which  regulates cell suitability and survival, slows down the process of  aging, and Sirtuins is thought to mediate the cognitive benefits of  exercise and carbon-restricted diet. Sirtuins  can also be activated by resveratrol, resveratrol is a blueberry and  red grape skin extracted polyphenolic compounds, it can improve the  rodent and non-human primate memory, in humans, for type 2 diabetes - Glucose regulation defects, inflammatory factors increased disease -  and other pathological conditions can improve the relevant memory  defects.
        Previously,  the role of resveratrol in the elderly population was not studied in  depth, and the Witte team used obesity to take resveratrol daily for 26  weeks to improve memory time. In  particular, it is possible to increase the number of words recalled  after a 30-minute interval, and the increase in recall is related to an  increase in hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex activity,  indicating that the connections of these structures are enhanced. Resveratrol  also reduces body fat levels and increases leptin levels, suggesting  that resveratrol improves cognitive function by improving energy  metabolism. Witte said the study provided new strategies and a new direction for maintaining brain health during aging.

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