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      1. High Performance Gas Chromatograph (GC)Back to previous

        Introduction to equipment

        High Performance Gas Chromatograph (GC)

        The gas  chromatograph differs according to the partition coefficient between the  gas phase and the fixed phase in the column of the components in the  sample. When the vaporized sample is run into the column by the carrier  gas, the components are carried out between the two phases (103-106),  the running speed of the components is different in the column because  the adsorption capacity of the various components is different (ie, the  storage effect is different) , After a certain  length of the column, they separated from each other; separated  components in accordance with the retention time in the order of access  to the detector, the detector according to the composition of the  physical and chemical properties of the components in order to detect  and automatically record the detection signal, Of  the signal after amplification, the recorder on the plot of the  chromatographic peaks; the final sample according to the retention time  of each component (peak position) for qualitative analysis or according  to the response value (peak height or peak area) on the test The components were quantitatively analyzed.

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